On June 10, 2010, an historic alliance was formed between various civic and business leaders, the People’s Government of Xuyi County, in the Jiangsu Province in China and representatives of the Latin Business Association.

Present at the “Joint Declaration by International Partners”, the largest international partner joint summit of its kind (ranked by international conventions), were representatives of 25 countries and a contingent of business and civic leaders led by Ruben Guerra, Chairman and CEO of the Latin Business Association- the only business trade organization to be represented at the table.

Joint Declaration by International Partners

“The appearance of cities marks the arrival of humanity at a higher level of social and cultural maturity. They are a means for enhancing communication and cooperation with other areas of the world. In the process of their development through interaction with others, cities of ancient heritage have become more enriched, making life within them more colorful.

As we enter the 21st century, we see that the rapid pace of societal development makes cooperation and communication between cities more vital than ever.

Today, we mayors from different continents and countries gather in Xuyi, a county within the Huai River region with a rapidly-growing economy, while renown for its ancient historical and cultural heritage and natural scenic beauty, to enjoy the Xuyi International Lobster Festival and to explore the prospects for future mutual development.

Our modern city life, with the cultural friction caused by high population density and competition for space, presents us myriad challenges. But we know also that our cities can be places where people enjoy happiness, health and hope and where they can live together harmoniously with respect for one another. In such a harmonious city, people of different cultures co-exist peacefully; every aspect of society runs more smoothly; and rural and urban areas support each other in their development. This is the harmonius society that we envision, and which we are currently pursuing.

  • We propose that our cities should undertake the mission of cultural exchange and interaction, while protecting our common humanity.
  • We propose that our cities should create an environment of tolerance and respect that embraces all, regardless of differences of color, nationality, religion or social or economic status.
  • We propose that our cities should make optimal strides to better our world, both materially and spiritually.
  • And we propose that all cities of the world strengthen ties of communication, strive for mutual achievement and work together in innovative ways to build the better world we propose, and are pursuing, in order to make life more harmonious for us all.”

Signed June 10, 2010 with The People’s Government of Xuyi County, in the Jiangsu Province of China