Marketing Opportunities

LBA Marketing Vehicles

The LBA utilizes all of its marketing vehicles to advertise and maintain consistent communications with members, sponsors, partners and supporters. Members and Sponsors have access to LBA marketing vehicles.

The main LBA marketing vehicles are: LBA Website, eNewsletters, M2M Program, Media Partners and other opportunities offered to LBA members by our partners. Each marketing vehicle has its own process. The LBA office can provide process information. Please note the LBA provides access to the community rather than being a marketing agent.

The LBA marketing vehicles are evaluated based on overall responses to the marketing of particular events and programs and by outreach efforts. Each of the LBA’s marketing vehicles provides an exceptional marketing opportunity for all.

LBA Website

The LBA Website serves as a marketing tool and open door for great exposure not only for the LBA, but for its members, sponsors and partners. The website averages approximately 250,000 hits per month. Inclusion on the LBA Website is selected based upon, but not limited to: LBA Membership, Sponsorship, Community Need, Discounted Fee for LBA Members, Partnerships and other criteria.

LBA eNewsletters

The LBA eNewsletter is a free monthly publication, subscription is done online; one does not have to be an LBA member in order to subscribe. The LBA eNewsletter reaches over 30,000 subscribers on a monthly basis and has a more than 100,000 connection outreach via alliances. The eNewsletter serves as the main source of information for upcoming LBA events. Inclusion on LBA eNewsletter is selected based upon, but not limited to: LBA Membership, Sponsorship, Community Need, Discounted Fee for LBA Members, Partnerships and other criteria.


Member2Member Program (M2M) allows LBA Members to participate on a product and service savings-program. LBA Members are provided with the opportunity to create their own incentives to offer other LBA Members. Incentive must be exclusive to LBA Members and their employees but cannot be offered to the general public.
Incentive Guidelines include:

  • Incentive must be at least 10 percent below market value
  • Incentive must be shown in a percentage or dollar amount
  • Free consultation offers cannot be accepted
  • Incentive must be exclusive to LBA Members (general public incentives do not apply)
  • Incentive must last for six to twelve consecutive months
  • Incentive must apply to current products and services

Media Partners

The LBA has built partnerships with media representatives and has negotiated special rates for LBA members. Each Media partner offers unique and exclusive LBA Member rates. See media partners for details.

Associations Alliances

Strategic alliances with other associations that are equally passionate about supporting small businesses and the community at large often times offer special rates or member-rates to LBA Members to buy ads or other marketing opportunities within their own association. Associations’ collaboration result in an additional LBA Member benefit.