While the Latin Business Association is dedicted to providing valuable, tangible benefits to its members, membership is truly only as valuable to you and your business as you make it. Here are some tips prepared by the LBA Staff that can help you make the most of your LBA Membership:

  • Know Your Association.

    The Latin Business Association has been serving the small to medium-sized business community for well over 40 years. The LBA Staff strive to make every year better than the last and continue to evolve with time to maintain excellent member service.

    Learn more about the LBA organization, our history, who the LBA has formed alliances with, our LBA Partners, how the LBA is commited to you as a member and our goals and objectives.

  • Get Informed.

    In order to take full advantage of your benefits, you need to understand how LBA Membership is designed and informed on what is available. Review the benefits of LBA Membership and become familiar with the extensive array of benefits, programs and services that are available to as a new LBA Member.

  • Commit.

    Make it a point to attend member business functions and social events regularly. In addition to Member Events and LBA Signature Events, the Latin Business Association often partners with other organizations in presenting or promoting other LBA Partner Events. Monitoring your newsletters and the LBA Website Calendar will ensure you are kept abreast of all upcoming LBA Events.

  • Increase Your Visibility.

    Offer to host an event, volunteer as a guest speaker or simply greet others at an event. This will help you stand out as an active member.

  • Get Acquainted.

    Introduce yourself to the members of the LBA Board of Directors. Read their biographies and learn about their companies, diverse backgrounds and business experience. LBA BOD Members welcome you to contact them personally and become better acquainted.

  • Promote Yourself.

    LBA Membership offers you exclusive opportunities to market your products and services by offering incentives or discounts to other LBA Members. While the LBA M2M Program is under development, we welcome you to contact us at the LBA Office if you are interested in offering discount services to other LBA Members.

  • Communicate.

    Not all business owners join our association for the same reason. While LBA Leaders endeavor to provide extensive member benefits that serve the needs of a wide variety of businesses, your communication is valuable in helping us meet the specific needs of your business. Again, we encourage you contact us or the LBA Board of Directors on ways we can help meet your needs.

  • Share the Experience!

    Invite your friends and associates to join you at LBA Events and to become new members!

  • A Message from the LBA Staff

    Congratulations on becoming a new LBA Member! We are glad you’re with us. Membership is the very heart of the LBA and we value your membership highly.

    We are cognizant that the LBA is first and foremost a service organization. Its value to you and your business is a direct reflection of the service we provide. So, we strive as a team to deliver the utmost in service and encourage your feedback in order that we may serve you better.

    Thank you for your business and support. We are here to serve you and we look forward to helping you Make the Most of Your LBA Membership!


    The Latin Business Association Staff

    Ruben Guerra

    Chairman & CEO

    Gladys Morales

    Executive Assistant

    Felipe Mendez

    Membership Coordinator