Q: What is the LBA?
A: The LBA- Latin Business Association- is a 501(c)(6) non-profit business trade organization serving the Latino and small business community at large. (Link to overview)

Q: How long has the LBA been in existence?
A: The LBA was established in 1976. read more

Q: What is the purpose of the LBA?
A: The purpose of the LBA is to assist Latino and minority-owned businesses and promote their growth through business development, education and advocacy. read more

Q: What is the LBA’s mission?
A: The mission of the LBA is to build economic wealth and opportunity for the Latino community and the small businesses it serves. read more

Q: What kinds of programs does the LBA offer?
A: The LBA offers access to business development programs, seminars, workshops, conferences and expos that address business needs such as access-to-capital, marketing, customer services, HR, legal issues and contract financing among others. read more

Q: Does the association charges admission to these events?
A: Paid membership entitles you to free admission to most LBA events and programs, with only a few exceptions such as the Annual Sol Business Awards Gala. For other events, LBA Members pay a minimal fee or discounted price.

Q: How can the LBA help my business?
A: The LBA gives the entrepreneur/small business owner the tools they need to grow their business and succeed as well as opportunities to network with other business owners, professionals, executives and community leaders and obtain referrals and promote their businesses within and beyond the LBA membership.

Q: What constitutes “at least 51% Latino-owned?”
A: “At least 51% Latino-owned” is a designation for a business whose ownership is represented by a minimum of 51% of individuals of Latin or Hispanic ethnicity.

Q: What do I have to do to participate in LBA events?
A: In order to participate in most LBA events, one merely needs to be a paid member and attend. There are some events for which, due to their popularity, an RSVP is recommended or required.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of events I can attend?
A: There is no limit to the number of events an LBA member may attend. An LBA member may elect to attend as few or as many events as they wish.

Q: Can I bring a guest or guests to the events? Can I have someone attend an event in my place?
A: LBA members may bring as many guests as they desire, or have other people attend on their behalf. If a member wishes to bring a group to an event for which there is an admission fee, they may inquire about group rates.

Q: How often does the LBA meet/have an event?
A: The LBA hosts or partners at least one or two events per month. In most cases LBA members have access to an average of 5 events per month. It is recommended you add your email address to our LBA eNewsletter and check the LBA calendar at least once a week.

Q: Can I advertise or promote via the LBA newsletter, website, mailings or events (table)?
A: The LBA will occasionally promote other business organizations and/or services or events through the LBA eNewsletter and website, which requires prior approval of and coordination with the LBA Executive Director. The principal form of promotion available to LBA members is through the Interactive Membership Directory. At LBA-hosted events, businesses may arrange with the executive director prior to hosting a booth. The LBA transition to an electronic promotion strategy and mailings is limited. Read more…

Q: What is the difference between membership types, and what benefits do I get or not get for each?
A: Starting in 2011, the LBA membership categories are as follows: Business Membership, Associate Membership and Partners.

Standard Membership Benefits at all levels include the following Standard Benefits:

  • Invitation to LBA annual events
  • Business development and networking events
  • Business development seminars and workshops
  • Business referrals and referral network
  • Access-to-capital programs
  • Affinity program discounts
  • Access to LBA AutoProgram
  • Discounted Corporate/Partner products and services
  • Complimentary SCORE counseling
  • Listing in LBA Interactive Membership Directory
  • Subscription to LBA Members-only eNewsletter

Businesses at least 51% Latino-owned are eligible for the following additional benefits:

  • Voting Privileges
  • Eligibility for election to Board of Directors
  • Two free tickets to one Gala event
  • Booth set-up at one LBA event

There is also a student membership available upon request.

Q: What demographics does the LBA serve?
A: The LBA primarily serves Latino, minority and women-owned businesses and professionals; however, anyone who would like to support the LBA and its mission will find a category. LBA corporate partners also play an important role within the LBA membership.

Q: Does the LBA host any events outside of Los Angeles?
A: Whereas the LBA primary event geographic area is Southern California, LBA often times participates in or partners with events hosted in Northern California, other states and even outside the U.S.

Q: What types of businesses are members within the LBA?
A: The LBA membership includes all industries.

Q: Who are the LBA’s partners and sponsors?
A: A complete list of LBA partners can be found under our website tab: Partners.

Q: What else does the LBA have to offer besides workshops and networking events?
A: In addition to a wide variety of workshops, seminars and networking events, the LBA also offers: Benefits and Events

  • Access-to-Capital Programs with VEDC (Valley Economic Development Center); SBA (Small Business Administration); LBA Financial Institution Partners; and Southwest Credit Contract Financing Facility (CFF)
  • The Annual Sol Business Awards Gala
  • Interactive Membership Directory
  • Membership Conference and Expo
  • End-of-the-Year Celebration & Toy Drive
  • Members’ Picnic
  • Global Business Conference
  • Minority Womens Business Conference
  • Board of Directors’ Leadership Retreat
  • Affinity Programs with FedEx and Office Depot
  • Member-2-Member Program
  • LBA AutoProgram
  • New Member Orientations
  • General and Member-only eNewsletters
  • Business referrals and referral network
  • LBA Website