LBA Takes the Lead on National Immigration Reform for Latin Business

Press Release- April, 2013

Los Angeles, CA: The Latin Business Association has taken the lead on National Immigration Reform by contacting our nation’s leaders and elected-officials in Washington, D.C. and engaging them in on-going dialogue in an effort to increase awareness of the importance of sweeping reform on immigration issues to small and medium-sized business, and especially Latin-owned businesses.

Given California’s proportionately higher percentage of Latin demographics, and that it has more Latin-owned businesses than any other state, the issues of immigration reform is all the more important to California.

“The LBA represents over 800,000 Latin-owned businesses throughout the State of California” , states Mr. Guerra. “Major reform to our nation’s immigration laws and policies is critical to the future success of small business in America, especially so to Latin-owned businesses, and most particularly to Latin Business Owners within the State of California.”

Mr. Guerra points out that Latinos, who now constitute the largest minority in the U.S., have the capacity to transform this, the most powerful nation in the world, not merely by virtue of economic strength alone, now measured in the billions, but also by “strong social power” which will now not only be heard, “but also felt” in the U.S. Congress.

U.S. President Barack Obama was recently quoted as saying, “for immigration reform, what is needed is political bravery.” “But I believe”, Mr. Guerra asserts, “that more than bravery, what is needed is a new mentality from all acting participants,” in addition to “governmental and societal unification.”

View the video, featuring LBA Chairman & CEO Ruben Guerra and the current effort he is making on behalf of the Latin Business Association and the businesses it represents On National Immigration Reform in the U.S.