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Top Ten Tips for SMB

Running a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) presents many challenges—
especially when you don’t have big budgets or large staffs to diversify the work—
so saving both time and money becomes essential.

Verizon, Verizon Wireless and the LBA are partnering to help Latino small to
medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs to run their businesses
at peak performance using the latest technology!

Top Ten Tips for SMB

1. Want to cut costs while being at the cutting edge of technology? Get a tablet for your business!
2. Get rid of that old flip phone and step up to a smartphone- a PDA and mini computer combined into one!
3. Use your smartphone to shoot video- then post on your website or keep on your mobile device to show to prospective customers!
4. Get free expert advice from Verizon Wireless’ in store SMB Specialists or their wireless workshops
5. Get the right apps for your business from Verizon Wireless’ Small Business Advisor
6. Consider developing your own app and create a stronger brand for your company!
7. Increase sales with mobile payments through Verizon Wireless’ and Intuit’s GoPayment app and Cell Reader
8. Get a high-speed Internet connection using Novatel or ZTE Jetpacks
9. Be social wherever you go posting updates to Facebook or Tweeting from your smartphone or tablet!
10. Save money just by being an SMB through the Verizon Discount Program and pocket up to 21% savings on key business services!

Use these helpful tips from Verizon to increase your business’ productivity and efficiency!