Edison – Meet the Primes

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“Meet the Primes”

An EDGE Prime Time networking event designed to facilitate access and introductions of DBE firms to SCE’s Customer Service Business Unit and its Prime suppliers.

Event and Participation Details:

• Participation limited to two individuals per company
• Certification with The Supplier Clearinghouse (WMBE) or Department of General Services (SDVBE only) preferred
• Provide Energy Efficiency, Engineering Services, Installation, Marketing and Outreach services (Refer to the “Subcontracting Areas” list on bottom)

Monday October 10, 2016

8:00am – 12:00 noon
No On-site Registration


Energy Education Center

6090 Irwindale Ave
Irwindale CA

Register to attend

On-line registration only from Sept. 12 – Sept. 19, 2016
Registration does not guarantee participation – confirmed attendees will be notified via e-mail

• Energy efficiency, demand response program services, design and implementation
• Project Management experience with Energy Efficiency
• Billing an invoicing processing
• Call center services (in & out bound)
• Codes and standards enhancements
• Controls (HVAC building automation)
• Energy metering and monitoring
• Engineering support services
• Excavation (union, non-union)
• Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FD&D) installation
• General contractors C10, C12 license
• HVAC equipment suppliers (light, chillers, speed controls)
• Demand Side Management (DSM) and Retro-Commissioning (RCx) experience
• IT (installation, warehousing)
• Marketing, outreach and website development, media duplication
• Measurement and evaluation studies
• Paper supplier (special grade 24 lbs., envelops, executive stationary
• Pool pumps, C53 license
• Printing, silk screen, precision printing
• Mailing services
• Residential and commercial energy surveys, audits, and analysis
• Software coding
• Sound caulking services
• Temporary staffing services
• Trailer and storage container rentals