Why Involvement in the Legislative Process is Important

The Latin Business Association advocates either in support of, or opposition to, legislation that affects businesses, most specifically Latin and Minority-owned businesses within California. The following are reasons why it should be especially important to LBA Member Business Owners to become engaged in the California Legislative Process:

  • Being active in Sacramento keeps us informed, improving our ability to respond quickly.
  • Bills that reflect our mission are supported.
  • Conversely, bills that hurt business and the community are opposed.
  • Examples of recent legislation affecting business that were killed in committee or vetoed by lobbying efforts:

  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Ban on Polystyrene- the ban of styrofoam from use in the food industry
  • Split-roll Property Tax- would remove Prop 13 protection from business property.
  • Recent legislation signed into law affecting business:

  • CEQA- California Environmental Quality Act- Exemption- roadway improvement- Improves safety and roadway conditions that expedite goods and people movement by exempting roadway projects from CEQA.
  • Creates Regulatory Certainty: Provides certainty for business by creating a predictable and easy-to-track implementation schedule for new regulations and provides language of new regulations online for easier access.
  • The Legislative Process

  • Idea- Drafting- Introduction
  • Committee- 1st Reading, Floor Debate and Vote
  • Committee- 2nd Reading, Floor Debate and Vote
  • Resolution of the Two Houses (if necessary)
  • Conference Committee or Concurrance
  • Special Session
  • Governor (sign, veto or law without signing)
  • Legislative Update

  • Over 3,000 bills were introduced in the Assembly in 2012
  • Over 1,700 bills were introduced in the State Senate
  • 996 bills were chaptered (made it to the Governor’s desk) in 2012
  • Gov. Jerry Brown signed 876 bills in the past legislative session
  • Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed 120 bills
  • Assembly

  • Currently Comprised of 80 Members
    – 55 Democrats
    – 25 Republicans
  • Senate

  • Currently Comprised of 40 Members
    – 29 Democrats
    – 11 Republicans
    – +3 2/3 for Democrats (Supermajority)
  • Latino Legislative Caucus

  • 23 Democrat Members (14 Assembly, 9 Senate)
  • 1.5 Republicans (Non-Latino Caucus Members)

    Your Voice Matters

    The LBA urges the community, and especially our member business owners to become informed about the issues that are being proposed in the legislature. When bills are scheduled to be heard in committee, we encourage members to testify in person as to why they support, or oppose that bill. If they cannot testify in person, then we encourage them to send support or opposition letters to their representatives, either by mail or Email. Your voice matters and your letter counts in a bill’s consideration and vote.

    The LBA is also committed to encouraging our partners and mobilizing like-minded organizations to join us in the effort to support/oppose legislation.

    Join us as we embark upon 2014 LBA LEGISLATIVE DAY in Sacramento– coming May 4th & 5th, this year in co-celebration of CINCO DE MAYO!