Southern California Edison is hosting SCE “Meet the Primes Event”- at the Laguna Hills Marriott on Tuesday, August, 24, 2015- connecting small- and diverse-firms with potential subcontracting opportunities linked to its SONGS Decommissioning Project.

The following are qualifying services for the SCS SONGS Decommissioning Project:

  • Administrative support:Union Labor
  • Asbestos abatement: remediation, removal, testing, disposal
  • Building specialist, transportation and hazard disposal permitting
  • Cafeteria Services
  • Craft labor broker: demolition, deconstruction
  • Crane and rigging services
  • Elevator inspection/Certification and maintenance
  • Environmental services(land, soil, core sampling): analysis, surveying, permitting
  • Fuels and lubricants
  • General construction support services: hardware, hauling/trucking, industrial security, IT, janitorial supplies, porta-potty, septic, painter, pest control, small tools
  • Medical services-urinalysis
  • Mobile offices/trailer rentals
  • NDE services
  • Nuclear Safety & site implementation personnel
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • PPE equipment and supplies
  • Radiological: Controls, decontamination, technicians
  • Radioactive analysis
  • Reactor vessel and internal activation analysis
  • Risk and site management
  • Radwaste disposal optimization
  • Scaffold erection and modification
  • Technical writing-program documents, procedures, work package
  • Vessel segmentation
  • Waste container/packaging supplier and providers
  • Other related materials or services

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