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Community Hero Awards

In commemoration of the 35th year anniversary of the Latin Business Association, the 2011 LBA Sol Business Awards Gala opened with a special VIP Reception entitled “Community Hero Awards”, wherein the LBA recognized and awarded one US Armed Forces soldier for each year of the LBA’s existence, with each soldier being presented a specially-made medal.

In the ten years since 9-11, the United States Armed Forces have undergone a complete transformation, re-organizing, training and building themselves into what they are today – the finest, most advanced military in the world.

The Latin Business Association is proud to acknowledge our fine men and women in uniform, the soldiers of the United States Armed Forces, who have so honorably served our country and given so much of themselves in defense of our nation.

The following are the soldiers who were presented the LBA Community Hero Award:

United States Army

  • CSM Richard Lopez
  • MAJ Abel Hernandez
  • SSG Roberto Alvarez
  • SSG Ervin Reyes
  • SSG Reynaldo Medina
  • SSG Diego Perez
  • SGT Jennifer Perez
  • SSG Angel Gonzalez
  • SFC Phillip Montalvo
  • SSG Carlos Moreno
  • SGT Monserrat Dowden
  • SSG Moses Tamayo
  • SSG Henry Lopez Sarmiento
  • SSG Gilbert Romero
  • SGT Cesar Saldivar
  • SGT Fidben Lepe
  • 1SG Andres Villa
  • SSG Vidal Guerrero
  • SFC Eric Lloyd
  • SFC Anthony Torres
  • SSG Guadalupe Vargas
  • SFC Geovanni Moreno
  • SGT. Jarus P. Perez
  • LTC Robert Blankenship- Battalion Commander
  • SPC Andrew E. Arellano
  • SGT Clarence Roshell III
  • SPC Juventino ā€œJā€ Gomez
  • SGT Jose Leal
  • SGT Miguel Fortini
  • United States Navy:

  • LTC Ralph R. Ramirez- U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Reserve, CA Army National Guard and State Military Reserve
  • Petty Officer 3rd Class David Raymond Hernandez Jr.
  • United States Air Force:

  • Sr. Airman Alonso R. Arellano
  • SGT Alfredo Lugo
  • United States Marine Corps:

  • SSG Mario Salvador Rivas
  • SSG Efren Martinez
  • LCPL Luis Pizarro
  • Special Guest of Honor
    Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez
    United States Army (Retired)

    The 2011 Gala also featured Special Guest of Honor Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez – United States Army (Ret.). Lt. Gen. Sanchez served with distinction in the US Army for thirty three years. Upon his retirement in 2006, Lt. Gen. Sanchez was the highest-ranking Hispanic in the United States Army.

    In the course of his address, former Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez surprised and delighted the Gala audience by announcing his candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for the 2012 US Senate election! He is seeking to replace retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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