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has been pleased to promote the

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10th Annual
“The Americas- A Plethora of Business Opportunity for U.S. Companies”

which took place

Thursday, December 5, 2013

9:00 am – 4:00 pm


NestGSV Inc.

425 Broadway St.
Redwood City, CA 94063

The 10th annual Global California conference on Latin America at nestGSV in Silicon Valley last Thursday (Dec. 5th) was a resounding success with participation from 24 guest presenters and trade promotion service providers.

View all of the GCC Presentations HERE.

Also, all of the PDF presentations with full audio that took place at the 10th annual Global California conference last December 5th in Silicon Valley are now online at no cost on

This is a great resource from over 24 experts who provided information, expertise and contacts on the booming Latin American marketplace as well as a array of trade promotion services.

Download the complete array of full audio Global Conference Presentations.

About the 10th Annual Global California Conference

Dec. 5th, 2013 marks the exact date nine years ago that the 1st Global California Conference was conducted at Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley. Nine years later exactly to the date (12/5/13) the 10th annual Global California conference was held at NestGSV in Silicon Valley, (Redwood City) Ca., with this year’s theme focusing on the Latin American marketplace and the bilateral trade and investment opportunities that exist now for businesses of all sizes.

Why is Latin America A Great marketplace for California and US companies?


  • Colombia:

    The United States is Colombia’s largest trading exporting partner with crude oil, gold, coffee, flowers, textiles and bananas and demand for American machinery, agricultural products, organic chemicals and plastic to name a few.

  • Mexico-Flag-jpg.

  • Mexico:

    88 million people and growing with a thousand-mile land border with the United States.

  • Brazilian-Flag-

  • Brazil:

    165 million people and the largest Latin American company in population and geographical territory.

  • Chilean-Flag-

  • Chile:

    Considered one of the most stable and prosperous developing nations in the world and ranks high regarding economic freedom, transparency and competitiveness.

  • Peruvian-Flag-

  • Peru:

    Tariffs have been eliminated on almost 90% of U.S. Exports and is now experiencing an economic growth rate of nearly 10 percent.

Public and Private sector representatives from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru addressed the conference attendees on why ‘The Americas’ marketplace is hot, especially for California companies.

Additionally, a special ‘take-action’ roundtable was conducted in the afternoon session of the conference where attendees were able to interact and meet leading trade promotion service providers in the trade finance, legal, marketing, education, advocacy and logistics business sectors.

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