Ms. Lisa McShane

Purchasing Manager

The Los Angeles Dodgers

Ms. Lisa McShane joined the Los Angeles Dodgers, LLC in March of 2013 to implement a Centralized Purchasing Department. There is a relatively small segment of leaders/business executives in the business world who seem able to build relationships, trust and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to broker the relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances and motivating forward momentum to “get things done”.

Lisa McShane is one of these people, and getting things done through collaboration, partnerships and relationships as a purchasing manager is what it is all about. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Lisa radiates a sincere passion for delivering a fair Company to Vendor relationships, where all parties involved are satisfied.

Lisa comes from a garment industry background, which is a very fast, busy and demanding industry. During her 16-year tenure with Fortune Fashions Ind., the largest screen-printer in the country, she was promoted several times, as she was moved to different areas to help reduce costs and build solid vendor relationships.

Ms. McShane is a natural seller and communicator – a results-oriented executive with a knack for promoting innovative business programs, policies, procedures and solutions that foster profitable corporate practices and revenue growth. Lisa has expertise in streamlining ordering operations, with a solid focus on establishing supplier selection, cost controls and product quality.

Throughout her career, Lisa has repeatedly proven her ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations. She has a documented track record of accomplishments, as well as outstanding references.

The Latin Business Association is grateful for the sponsorship of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and extremely proud to have Ms. Lisa McShane as an expert panelist for the 5th Annual LBA Minority Women’s Business Conference Retail & Banking Industries panel.