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AdvancedMeter Project


Southern California Gas Company’s new Advanced Meter
Advancing the Way We Serve Our Customers and the Community


Southern California Gas Company’s new Advanced Meter is the latest example
of our on-going efforts to improve our technology, add convenience and empower our customers to save energy and money. As part of this commitment, we’ll be upgrading your current meter with a wireless device that will automatically transmit your natural gas usage directly to our customer service and billing center. With this upgrade, you will have access to more frequent and detailed information about your gas consumption, giving you better control of your energy usage and the potential to save money.


  • SoCalGas Advanced Meter Description
    Southern california Gas Company (SoCalGas) is upgrading our metering system by adding a communication device to all residential and business natural gas meters. Your gas usage is still measured the same way it is today, but with the advanced meter, it is automatically and securely transmitted to our customer service and billing center. With an advanced meter, customers will have access to view hourly, daily and weekly gas usage, as well as up to 13 months of monthly data (depending on how long you’ve been enrolled in My Account). By better understanding how much gas you’re using and when, you can better identify ways to save.
  • Project Background
    Through 2017, SoCalGas will install approximately six million communication devices, collectively known as advanced meters on existing natural gas meters and 4,000 data collection units used to collect individual advanced meter usage reads to SoCalGas. Overall, about 54% of California’s population will be affected by this project. Approximately 5.8 million of the customers are residential households with the remaining 200,000 representing small and medium businesses in SoCalGas service area. This huge enterprise will be rolled out region-by-region in SoCalGas’ strategic geographical sequence plan.

Why change to advanced meters?

SoCalGas has been providing safe and reliable service to the communities we serve for more than 140 years. This technology evolution allows us to more efficiently serve our customers and empower them with more information about their gas usage so they can make more informed decisions and better manage their energy bills. With the additional information advanced meters provide, customers can

  • Better understand and manage gas use and costs
  • Identify sudden usage spikes
  • Make more informed decisions about their energy usage and do their part to conserve resources now and for future generations

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How does the Advanced Meter work?

With an advanced meter, your gas usage will be measured just as it is today by your current meter. And your bill will continue to be based on a monthly read of your usage. However, we will no longer need to come to your property each month to manually read your gas meter. Instead, the advanced meter communication device will turn on for a fraction of a second each day to read and transmit your encrypted gas usage information directly to one our data collectors. The information is then sent to SoCalGas for billing and presented to you via My Account on a next day basis. No sensitive, personally identifiable customer information is transmitted. And by having more frequent and detailed information about your gas usage, you can make more informed choices to better manage and control your gas costs.

The advanced meter is powered by two special AA sized lithium batteries, similar in technology to those used in pacemakers. Battery voltage is reported along with gas usage data, so we can monitor the batteries and replace the device as necessary. Because the energy required to transmit the data is so low, these batteries are expected to keep a charge for at least 20 years.

Read Ten Things to Know about the Advanced Meter Project.

For more information on the additional benefits of Advanced Meter, visit (search “ADVANCED”).

El Nuevo Medidor Avanzado (Advanced Meter) de Couthern California Gas Company

Avanzamos en la forma de servir a nuestros clientes y a la comunidad
El nuevo medidor avanzado (Advanced Meter) de Southern California Gas Company es el más reciente ejemplo de los esfuerzos continuos que hacemos por mejorar nuestra tecnología, aumentar la comodidad y empoderar a nuestros clientes para que ahorren energía y dinero. Con la tecnología del advanced meter, usted podrá:
• Ver su información actualizada de consumo y costos
• Ponerse y alcanzar metas de ahorro y conservación
• Hacer un análisis de energía para saber cómo puede ahorrar
• Analizar su consumo a través del tiempo
Para más información sobre los beneficios adicionales del Advanced Meter, visite SoCalGas/Espanol
(busque la palabra clave “AVANZADO”).