LBA Logo NEW 2012

The Latin Business Association (LBA) is recognized as the nation’s largest and most-active Latin business trade organization. Its commitment is not merely to maintain, but to further build upon that position. By serving as a leading advocate and unifying voice for the small business community, and providing services, opportunities and the tools to business owners that equip them to successfully compete in today’s challenging environment, the LBA contributes to the overall wellness of our community, and prosperity as a nation.

The LBA is committed to promoting the growth of Latin- and minority-owned companies through business development, education and advocacy. By working in conjunction and partnership with its sister-organization the Latin Business Association- Institute, the LBA functions as a learning and resource association that is able to develop, implement and modify its programs and services to best meet the needs of its membership.

The LBA fulfills its commitment of serving the needs of its member business owners by:

  • Constantly seeking to establish and build relations at every level- locally, statewide, nationally and internationally- in order to generate new business opportunities.
  • Working closely with government agencies, top corporations and organizations to create viable partnerships that provide valuable benefits.
  • Advocating on behalf of business, by assessing and addressing the issues and needs of business owners, and consistently and effectively communicating them to our elected and appointed officials, as well as other legislative bodies.
  • See the goals and objectives of the Latin Business Association.