LBA Structure

LBA Logo NEW 2012

The Latin Business Association (LBA) is governed by an elected Board of Directors, including the Executive Committee comprised of the Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

The LBA also has an up-to-fifteen-member Board of Trustees/Corporate Advisory Board, including executives from America’s most prestigious corporations serving in an advisory role to the governing Board of Directors.

The LBA membership represents a diverse cross-section of businesses and industries, including:

Member Businesses/Industries

  • legal and accounting services
  • advertisers
  • architectural designers
  • banks
  • financial service providers
  • educational institutions
  • engineers
  • health care providers
  • HR & Management Consultants
  • entertainment
  • media & PR firms
  • event planners
  • food & beverage companies
  • industrial, insurance agencies
  • investment firms
  • mortgage & lending institutions
  • software development
  • film production studios
  • international distributors
  • construction companies
  • importers/exporters
  • retailers
  • manufactures
  • non-profit organizations
  • other Chambers of Commerce
  • restaurants with catering
  • web site designers
  • and more…