LBA Logo NEW 2012

The Latin Business Association (LBA) is governed by an elected Board of Directors, including the Executive Committee comprised of the Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

The LBA also has an up-to-fifteen-member Board of Trustees/Corporate Advisory Board, including executives from America’s most prestigious corporations serving in an advisory role to the governing Board of Directors.

The LBA membership represents a diverse cross-section of businesses and industries, including:

Member Businesses/Industries

  • legal and accounting services
  • advertisers
  • architectural designers
  • banks
  • financial service providers
  • educational institutions
  • engineers
  • health care providers
  • HR & Management Consultants
  • entertainment
  • media & PR firms
  • event planners
  • food & beverage companies
  • industrial, insurance agencies
  • investment firms
  • mortgage & lending institutions
  • software development
  • film production studios
  • international distributors
  • construction companies
  • importers/exporters
  • retailers
  • manufactures
  • non-profit organizations
  • other Chambers of Commerce
  • restaurants with catering
  • web site designers
  • and more…