Ruben Guerra

Chairman & CEO
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Latin Business Association


Coming from humble origins as a son of Mexican immigrants, Ruben Guerra has risen to become a leading advocate for Latino entrepreneurs.

Currently Chairman and CEO of the Latin Business Association, the nation’s largest Latino business trade organization, Mr. Guerra travels throughout the US and internationally coordinating trade pacts, such as the historic agreement with the City of Suzhou, China, and those with numerous cities and states in Mexico and the Honduras.

Ruben Guerra is well-known in the California and national political scene, advocating with legislators for increased access to business opportunities for all Latino entrepreneurs, serving as Vice Chairman of the California Water Coalition and promoting the California Water Bond, slated for the November 2012 ballot, which supports the state’s water infrastructure, as well as serving on the boards of directors of several major California Utility and Small Business Advisory Boards.

An entrepreneur himself, Ruben Guerra founded Municipal Energy Solutions, which specializes in LED lighting and renewable energy projects, and RG Design and Construction.

We are pleased to honor Mr. Ruben Guerra for his many years of outstanding leadership, and collaboration both as a friend and partner with SCE.

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