LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program

The Latin Business Association

in partnership with its sister-organization the Latin Business Association-Institute

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proudly present:

The LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program

Series I Classes Commencing Saturday, June 2, 2012
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Union Bank Building
120 S. San Pedro Street, 4th Fl. Lunch Room
Los Angeles , CA 90012

The LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program is a seven-week course designed to provide business owners the tools they need to secure major supplier diversity contracting opportunities! This excellent, comprehensive seven-week training program, with twenty-eight hours of individualized instruction is a $4,000.00 retail value!

The LBA and LBA-Institute proudly introduce Course Instructor:

Mr. Gilbert Buchanan, MA

“The Small Business Paramedic”

Buchanan & Associates

Small Business Consulting and Program Management


The objectives of this course are to ensure that participants will be able to:

  • Develop the four vital areas of their own Business Infrastructure
  • Independently access the resources and information available to small business
    development and growth at the LBA and LBA-Institute
  • Develop the tools to become business and contract-ready
  • Become more familiar with their own business operations’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Become more familiar with the supplier diversity contract/procurement process and procedures

    Upon successful completion of this training program, the business owners should be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and functionality of the business infrastructure, their blueprint for success
  • Develop an operational plan
  • Develop a Capability Statement and a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)
  • Complete, and present a Capability Statement
  • Possess a basic understanding of the certification process
  • Obtain at least two SBE certifications*
  • Begin submitting bids to contract providers for contracting opportunities

    In order to participate in the LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program, all businesses must have been in existence for a minimum of three (3) years. Read Certifications and learn more about Supplier Diversity and what Procurement Representatives look for in a company they are considering awarding supplier diversity contracts to.


    The LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program is being offered FREE OF CHARGE under the aegis of the Latin Business Association and Latin Business Association-Institute; however, in order for participants to demonstrate a serious committment to completing the course, a mandatory $250.00 deposit is required, which is fully-refundable upon completion of the course, with perfect attendance. Please keep in mind that missing any classes will result in forfeiture of the deposit.


    Classes are held on consecutive Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm, with the first series commencing on Saturday, June 2, 2012.

    LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program Curriculum

    Week 1 – June 2, 2012
    How to Develop a Capability Statement (For Your Business):

  • What is a Capability Statement?
  • What are the Format and its Contents?
  • How Do You Present it to Contract Providers?
  • Week 2 – June 9, 2012
    Developing Your Infrastructure – Blueprint for Success:

  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • General Operations Management
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Cash Flow Management & Accounting
  • Week 3 – June 16, 2012
    Certifications 1:

  • Types of Certifications and their Benefits
  • Requirements of Each Certification Program
  • How to Apply for Each Certification Program
  • Week 4 – June 23, 2012

  • Researching and Obtaining Contracts
  • The Bidding Process
  • Now That You Are Awarded a Contract, How Do You Maintain It?
  • Week 5 – June 30, 2012
    The Bidding Process:

  • Types of Bids
  • How to Find Bids
  • What to Look For in the Bid Documents
  • Submitting a Mock Bid
  • Week 6 – July 7, 2012
    How to Develop and Present Your Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Presentations:

  • How to Present Your SOQ to Contract Providers
  • Week 7 – July 14, 2012
    Certifications 2:

  • How to Certify Your Business On-line (Hands-on Self-Certification Process)

    For further information about this program, please contact Peter Beltran at the LBA office at (213) 628-8510.


    To register for the LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program:

    RSVP via email to:

    Do not miss out on this extraordinairy opportunity to take your business to the next level, and REGISTER NOW!

    *Certifications will be initiated during the classes but will actually be received after. Included in the course curriculum is an overview of the various certifications available, with emphasis upon those most commonly sought after.


    Here are some testimonials from the 2012 LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program Participants:

    “I’d like to express my greatest appreciation for the LBAI Supplier Diversity Procurement Boot Camp Training Program. In the six-week course I learned how to develop critical components to grow my business and take it to the next level. I walked away from the course with a fully developed capability statement, certifications as a SLB, CBE, and SBE business, along with my Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). It gave me the familiarity of the bidding process and the confidence to pursue big corporate contracts. Currently, we are submitting an IFB for a 3-year contract with the LAUSD, and would not be doing so if it weren’t for my attendance of the LBAI Procurement Boot Camp. Additionally, I’d like to express my gratitude for the instructor’s resourcefulness and availability in answering questions throughout this process. Both the Latin Business Association and the instructor have gone above and beyond in exceeding my expectations. I’d highly recommend other small minority business owners to take the course because it is an investment of time that is priceless.”

    With Much Gratitude,
    Brenda Duarte
    Aura Toner Supplies, Inc.

    “The LBA/LBA-I Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training Program was fantastic. It was incredibly valuable and by the end of the program, my team and I felt not only could we take next steps, but we were fully prepared to meet with contracting officers. It was one of the best programs we have participated in to get our company ready for contracting. And I still can’t believe it was offered at no-cost!”

    Michele Ruiz ~ Empowering Entrepreneurs to Empower Themselves!
    Ruiz Strategies- Strategic Consulting

    “Although I think that the (LBA/LBA-Institute Supplier Diversity Boot Camp Training) course could have been completed in a much shorter time than was allotted for its completion, I found it to be informative and that the instructor knew his subject matter…”

    Robert Reyes
    Reyes Winery

    Biography For Gilbert Buchanan, MA

    Gilbert Buchanan, MA is the principal consultant and founder of Buchanan & Associates, a small business planning and program management firm since 2006. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Gilbert has been successful in providing Infrastructure Development for Small Businesses, Business Plan Writing Workshops, Contract Compliance Monitoring, Pre-Construction Outreach, Small Business Training and Community Economic Development Program Management for such clients as: The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD); The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD); Los Angeles County MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority); EXPO Construction Authority; Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC); The L.A. Mayor’s Office; The LA-MBOC (Minority Business Opportunity Center); Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE-LA); CHARO, The Latin Business Association (LBA) and The Asian Business Association (ABA).

    Since 1993, Gilbert Buchanan, MA has managed numerous entrepreneurial and public works contracting projects where his unique skills enabled him to assist subcontractors in obtaining more than $61 million in contract awards. He has also delivered more than 1,000 training seminars in Construction Contractor Education Programs and Minority- and Small-Business Administration (SBA) 8a Certification Programs. He has been teaching Effective Business Plan Writing Workshops for PACE-LA since 2007 and Business Infrastructure Development for the Latin Business Association since 2007.

    Gilbert’s consulting firm, Buchanan & Associates, was just awarded a contract to provide DBE/SBE Contract Compliance and Labor Compliance Oversight for the Exposition Light Rail Phase 2 Project, a $1 billion design-build program. His proven expertise in designing and implementing programs that assist under-served businesses in attaining the utmost in efficiency has truly made him the undisputed small business champion.

    Highlights of Accomplishments

  • He has successfully coordinated and facilitated multiple series’ of 8-week Small Business Boot Camp Training Seminars for 3 years while at LAUSD and VEDC, resulting in small contractors obtaining $21.7 million in contract awards and $7.7 million in bonding.
  • Gilbert was responsible for implementing a procurement outreach program that assisted contractors in securing $35 million in public works contract awards, exceeding program goals 600% at VEDC.
  • He taught multiple series’ of Small Business Boor Camp Workshops for start-up and emerging businesses at LAUSD, LACCD, CHARO CDC, VEDC and PACE in Los Angeles. Many of the businesses he coaches generate revenues between $50K and $10MM.
  • Gilbert served as Lead Trainer for the Los Angeles Community College District’s (LACCD’s) Mini Boot Camp Training Program Series, which yielded $4 million in contract awards to small businesses. He also taught courses to small business owners who wanted to learn how to prepare Statement of Qualifications (SOQ), bid Public Works contracts, develop Scopes of Work and create an effective Business Plan.
  • He assisted in spear-heading the first Mentor-Protégé Program for small businesses at LACCD.
  • Gilbert successfully launched a Supplier Diversity Procurement Boot Camp Program for the Latin Business Association in 2007, which yielded a $5 million contract for one of the program graduates, James Sanchez, CEO of Premier Personnel Resources, Inc.
  • Educational Background

    Gilbert Buchanan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development, with an emphasis on Small Business Administration, from Binghamton University in New York.

    Capability Statement

    Company Overview/Core Competencies
    Buchanan & Associates

    Buchanan & Associates is a full-service professional business planning, diversity program management and business infrastructure development firm that provides small business support and technical assistance to small businesses and/or supplier diversity contract providers. Our primary focus is to assist small businesses in developing the tools necessary to enable them to transform from an informal way of doing business to a formal structure or functional organization and making the company self-sufficient, business- and contract-ready. By providing business development, customized training, management support, contract compliance and small and minority certifications we are able to help clients venture into the forefront of their respective industries so that they can compete more effectively.

    Buchanan & Associates provides step-by-step guidance to clients so that they in turn can develop competency in the four vital areas of a successful business: Business Planning; General Operations Management; Business Development & Marketing; and Cash Flow Management & Accounting.

    Target Clients:
    Public works contract providers (sustainable bond and construction building programs), public utilities, supplier diversity contract providers, green technology, construction management prime contractors, subcontractors, existing businesses and start-up businesses (all trades).

    Target Industries:
    Education and Training; Public Works [Business Development, Business Outreach / Community Outreach]; Construction; Baked Goods/Bakery; Medical; Manufacturing; Professional Services; Public Utilities; Restaurant & Catering; Retail; and Transportation.

    Year Established: 2006

    Business Structure:
    Sole Proprietorship

    CAGE Code: 4ZWG5
    D & B #782258805

    DBE/MBE – CPUC Public Utilities Commission,
    Sempra Energy Utility
    SBE – State of California, Office of Small Business
    MBE/CBE – County of Los Angeles, Office of
    Affirmative Action

    Accepted Payment Format: PayPal, Check and Cash

    541611 – Business Management Consulting Services,
    – Business Start-up Consulting Services,
    – Administrative Management Consulting
    – Strategic Planning Consulting Services
    541720 – Business Research and Development Services
    611430 – Professional and Management Development

    541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
    926110 – Small Business Development Agencies

    8742 – Business Management Consulting Services
    – Strategic Planning Consulting Services

    Value Proposition

  • Our value proposition is to provide step-by-step, hands-on business development guidance to clients. Not only do we assist clients- we educate them as well.
  • We connect clients to valuable resources to help them succeed, developing them from a ready-to-do business status to business- and contract-ready status.
  • We improve their current program structure by building their business infrastructure, enabling them to function more successfully in the marketplace.
  • We provide workable strategies to build capacity.
  • Differentiators

  • Possess an innate passion and dedication to help businesses grow
  • Utilize our 20 years of industry knowledge to motivate and improve our clients’ current business operations
  • Provide post-graduate Organizational Development expertise to implement strategies in an executable manner
  • Past Performance By Client (Partial List)

  • Transportation: LACMTA; Exposition Construction Authority Light Rail Phase 2 Project
  • School Districts: Los Angeles Community College Districts (LACCD); Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) ; and Pepperdine University Law School Micro-enterprise Program
  • Local Government: City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office; LA County Minority Business Opportunity Center (LAMBOC); and Southern Tier Regional Career Center
  • Utilities: The Gas Company – Sempra Energy Utilities Diversity Program
  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs): Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC); Latin Business Association (LBA); Asian Business Association (ABA); CHARO CDC; and PACE-LA Business Development Center
  • Small Business Clients: Vincor Construction; IPI Corporation; Metro Electric Co., Inc.; Cedar Financials; Girard & Peterson Towing; D.F. Perez Construction; Med West, Inc.; R & F Fire Protection & Plumbing; Belle Biscotti Baking Co.; and Dreamweaver Medical Group.

    Accomplishments and Recognition

  • Certificate of Recognition for assisting businesses in securing $35 million in Public Works Contracts – Valley Economic Development Center, Van Nuys, CA.
  • Assisted SBEs in obtaining more than $21.7 million in public works contract awards, and $7.7 million in bonding at LAUSD
  • $4 million in contract awards to L/S/E/DVBE firms; set-up LACCD mentorship program
  • Following is a summary of services offered by Buchanan & Associates:

    Small Business Clients:
    • Company Set-Up and Corporate Compliance Requirements
    • Company Infrastructure Development (Best Practice)
    • Employee Handbook Development
    • Develop Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
    • Operational Plan / Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Develop Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)
    • Financial Break-Even Analysis Systems
    • Gross Profit Margin System Development
    • Milestones and Action Plan Development
    • Labor Compliance Monitoring BUSINESS PLAN WRITING
    • Comprehensive (Premium)
    • Basic (Standard)
    • Do-it-Yourself (Pre-developed templates offered)
    • SBA 8(a) Business Plan for Business Development Program

    • Prepare SBA 8(a) Applications
    • Prepare Disadvantaged and Minority Business Enterprise (DBE/MBE)
    • Prepare Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Applications
    • Prepare DVBE and Service Disabled Veteran Applications

    Contract Providers (Public Works and Commercial):
    • Small Business Diversity and DBE/MBE Program Management
    • Good Faith Effort Program Management and Monitoring
    • Goal Setting, Tracking, and Monitoring
    • Mentor-Protégé Program Development and Management
    • Community Outreach and Business Outreach Program Development
    and Management
    • Contract Compliance Tracking and Monitoring
    • Labor Compliance Monitoring and Management

    • Writing Dynamic Business Plans Seminar
    • General Operations Management (Systems Set-up and Operating
    • Developing Your Firm to Obtain Certifications
    • How to Set-up and Manage the Financial Structure of Your Business
    • Setting-up Your Legal Structure and Administrative Controls
    • Obtaining and Managing Contracts
    • Developing Scope of Work

    • Develop and implement Boot Camp training programs to teach participants how to conduct business with contract providers
    • Develop and implement Outreach Plans for contract providers and prime contractors
    • Perform program management and compliance enforcements to ensure vendors/contractors adhere to program objectives
    • Conduct public information sessions with business owners and key local community groups to achieve program outcomes
    • Establish strategic partnership with community-based organizations and local stakeholders
    • Coordinate and host community meetings to update citizens and community stakeholders on project status and next-steps planning objectives
    • Report on program status to Board of Trustees and address community concerns at Citizen Oversight Committee meetings


    To become a premiere small business planning and program management firm in the State of California. We will develop high-performing small businesses to achieve success through the utilization of specialized tools and techniques and help them to develop competency in four vital areas: Business Planning; General Operations Management; Business Development and Marketing; and Cash Flow Management.


    To provide small businesses and supplier diversity contract providers with comprehensive technical support in business plan writing, business infrastructure development programs and outreach programs that are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. We will help the client elevate business performance, expand market share and move the company to the next level of its performance cycle by applying proven strategic principles specifically-designed to increase productivity.

    Buchanan & Associates

    Small Business Consulting and Program Management
    560 West Main Street, Suite C #105
    Alhambra, CA 91801

    Gilbert Buchanan, MA- Principal Consultant
    Tel: (626) 533-1186
    Cell: (626) 533-1186
    Fax: (626) 249-5434
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