Procurement List- LADWP

2012 LBA Utilities Road Trip: Paving the Way to Success!
September 27, 2012 in Los Angeles, California

The following is a list of materials and services for which there are contract bid opportunities available from LADWP- Los Angeles Department of Water and Power:

Aggregate for Concrete and Other Uses
Services for Pavement and Curb
Cable, 600-Volts Underground and Overhead, and Miscellaneous Wire and
Galvanized Steel Distribution Poles, Spun Concrete Distribution Poles, Fiberglass Distribution Poles, Pole Steps, and Fiberglass Crossarms
Cable, 600-Volts Underground and Overhead, and Miscellaneous Wire and
Cable, 600-Volts Underground and Overhead, and Miscellaneous Wire and
Fuel Purchasing Card
Services, Repairing and Recoring of Automotive Radiators, Air Coolers and Heaters
Batteries, Maintenance-Free, for Automotive and Construction Equipment
Tag Pole
Kit, First Aid and Refills
Concrete, Ready Mixed
Liquid Chlorine
Dedicated Ethernet Internet Services Over Single Mode Fibers
Services of Propane Fuel
Threaded Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Screws, and Washers
Passenger Vans, Leased or Rented, Fully-Maintained, on an Annual Mileage-Per
Vehicle Basis, Fuel, and Insurance Options
Safety, Electrical, Lineman Protection “Salisbury”
Compound, Oil Absorbent
Repeater, Ethernet 9.2 Megabytes Per Seconds
Portable Toilet Rental – Adelanto Solar Project
Dye, Ink
Radio Frequency (RF) Demand and Watt-hour Meters
Flashlights and Accessories
Disposal Fees for Dumping of Asphalt and Dirt Materials
Parts, Automotive and Equipment
RKI Gas Detectors, Parts and Supplies
Gases, Various
Paper for Use on Large Format Reproduction
Sacks, Burlap
Welding Accessories
Grout Master Flow
Parts & Service, Repair for “Ford” Trucks and Passenger Vehicles (New & Remanufactured)
Uniform, Rental and Cleaning Services
Poles, Wood, Pressure-Treated
Publication of Advertisement, Legal Notice, Display and Classified
Conduit Spacers
Fitting, Channel, Hot-Dipped, Galvanized
Cones, Traffic, Safety
Magnesium Anodes
Landscaping Tools, Shovels, Hoes, Forks, and Rakes
Rainwear, Jackets, Coats and Overalls
Gaskets and Sheet Packing, Rubber
Rental, Fully Operated, Helicopter
Services, To Vacuum and Clean Pond at John Ferraro Bldg.
Services, Removal, Reactivation, and Reinstallation of Coconut Charcoal Filter Cells From the John Ferraro Building
Repair for Vivax/Metrotech Locator and Detector Equipment
PVC Pipe, Fittings and Accessories
Parts and Services, Brake, Clutch, and U-Joints, for Light to Medium Passenger
Vehicles, Trucks, and Heavy Duty Equipment
Maintenance and Repair, for Three Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations
Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings
Supplies, Janitorial
Cement, Portland, Type II, ASTM C150, Bulk
Furnish and Deliver Fittings, Waterworks
Cable Laid Sling With Sliding Choker Hook
Cable Tie, Nylon, Self-Locking
Services, Printer Repair, “IBM”
Parts, Repair and Replacement and Accessories for Pisten Bully Canyon Snowcats
Onsite Services and Repairs of Department Owned Fire Extinguishers and Hoses
Substructures, Precast Concrete, and Accessories
Services, Maintenance, for “OCE” Equipment
Men’s and Women’s Guard Uniforms
Sleeves, Tapping
Rental, Bare, Intermittent, Water Pump, Trailer-Mounted
Hot and Cold Mix Asphalt Concrete
Painting Supplies
Hose, Garden and Potable Water and Accessories
Cutter, Bolt, and Pipe
Underground Cable Accessories
Furnish Galvanizing Services for Steel Materials
Laboratory Supplies
Inhibitor, Corrosion and Rust Control
Cloth, Wiping
Cable Ties and Velcro Fasteners
Herbicides, Insecticides, and Rodenticides
Oxygen, Acetylene and Argon
Services, Flight Reservoir Monitoring
Transformers, 34.4-kV, Three-Phase, Padmount, with Standard Base
Utility Knives, Replaceable Blade
Paper, Jogger and Service Maintenance
Belzona 1111-1341
Wire and Cable, 600-Volts Instrument and Control, and Miscellaneous Wire and Cable
Services, Laundering, Fire Resistant Clothing
Parts, Engines, Transmissions, New and Remanufactured, for Ford Passenger Cars, Light and Medium Duty Trucks
Tires and Tubes for Department-Owned Vehicles
Solar Photovoltaic Modules and Materials
Furnishing and Delivering Assembled Capacitor Banks and Components
Cleaners, Various
Patch Cords
Services of Delivery, Installation, and Maintenance of Photocopiers on a Bare Rental Basis
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services
Chemicals, Equipment, Replacement Parts and Accessories for “HACH”
Analyzer and Turbidmeter
Pipe, Fittings, Valves and Water Control Gates
Filter, Air, Disposable, Fiberglass Media, Pleated
Coveralls, Orange, 100-Percent Cotton and Flame-Resistant, and Shirts
Construction Materials and Supplies
Rope, Pulling, Polyester, and Cord, Cotton Sash
“Walker” Duct Parts
Parts, Engines, Transmission, New and Remanufactured, for Ford Passenger Cars, Light and Medium Trucks
Liquid Chlorine Bulk
34.5-kV Fuse Assemblies, 34.5-kV Metal-Enclosed Switchgears, 34.5-kV Modular Style Metal Enclosed Switchgears & 3.45-kV Air Insulated Switch/Fuse UN
Cooler, Water, Polyethylene Plastic Exterior
Safety Glasses
“Floran” Chemical Solution
Parts, “Terex Corporation” Aerial Booms, Cranes, Digger Derricks, and Lifting
Net Time of Use Demand Watt-hour Meters
Hydrogen Gas and Storage Units
Cabinet, Equipment
Services, Treat, Bottle, Label, Package and Deliver LADWP Water in Bottle
Services, Maintenance, for Microwave Systems
Services, Repair of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Equipment (Contractors
Gasket, Low-Torque
Drum, Unlined, Steel, New and Reconditioned
Asbestos Encapsulant
Crossarms, Douglas Fir
Cable, 34.5-kV, Low Pressure Gas-Filled Type, Paper Insulated Lead Covered
Fuse Refill Units
Liquid Carbon Dioxide
Hook, Water Meter, Adjustable Handle
Sling, Rope, and Associated Accessories
Services, Pest Control
Ferric Chloride
Concrete, Ready-Mixed, Sand, Aggregate and Rock Products
Engines, New and Parts, New and Remanufactured, for GMC Light-and-Medium-Duty Trucks
Towel, Paper
Measuring Tools
Services, Pest Control, Tree Spraying and Herbicide Applications
Tools, Hot Line Equipment, “Hasting”
Lubricant, Cleaner, Leak Detector, and Expanding Foam
Barricades and Traffic Warning Signs
Materials/Services for Industrial Cleaning, Reusable Absorbent Material
Services, Repair and Parts, Hydraulic Cylinders, Various Manufacturers
Document Destruction and Disposal of Confidential Information On Site
Sensors, Parts, and Equipment for “RKI” Gas Monitors
Services, Providing Satellite Images
Services, Cellular Phones, for Owens Valley
Parts, Engines & Transmissions, for “Toyota” Passenger Vehicles (New & Remanufactured)
Fuel, Diesel No. 2, Dyed and Winterized
Parts, OEM, New and Remanufactured, for “Tennant Company” Equipment
Services, Analysis, Microwave Frequency
Cleaner, Contact, Safety, Non-Flammable
Tubing, Polyethylene
Furnishing and Delivering Ammonia, Aqua Solution
Gases, Mixed and Calibration
Bits, Taps, and Wrenches
Plotter Supplies for Versatec Electrostatic and Laser Plotters
Acid, Sulfuric Concentrated
Hose, Fire and Accessories
Gatorade, Various Flavors, Instant Powder
Miscellaneous Tools and Accessories, “Klein”
Filter, Pleated, Respirator
Rental, Bare, 20-Ton Forklift
Ductile Iron Pipe and Rubber Gaskets
Control, Time With Temperature Override Capacitor Bank Assembly
Restraints, Pipe
Bonnet, Assembly, Cast- Iron, Fire Hydrant
Telephone Equipment, Refurbished
Services of Transit Mixer Fully Operated and Maintained on an Intermittent Rental Basis
Mechanical Coupling, Insulating and Non-Insulating
Fasteners, Automotive, “Rockford”
Paint, Enamel, Spray
Hydraulic Hose, Fittings, Adapters and Assemblies
Parts, Replacement, OEM, for “Effers” Truck Mounted Cranes
Pliers, Various
Shotcrete Accelerator
Parts, Engine, New or Remanufactured, Cummins Detroit Bendix
Services, Rubbish Removal, at Various Department Facilities
Cleaner, Degreaser HS 1000
Fuel, Propane Telecommunication Sites
Parts, Repair and Replacement for Backhoe “TMX” Mini
Parts, Replacement for Disconnecting Various Telecommunication Switching Devices, “Krone” Modules
Furnishing Services for Asphalt Concrete and Concrete Pavement Trench Resurfacing
Services for Construction of Electrical Underground Conduits and Substructures
Services for Installing, Removing, and Maintaining Overhead Distribution Facilities
Labor Services for Removing Asbestos From Underground Distribution Systems
Deep Sea Diving Services
Service/Repair for Goldak Locating/Detecting Equipment
Lease of Photocopier Equipment, Maintenance Services and Supplies
Emergency Repair and Specialized Services for Generating Stations and Power System Equipment at Various LADWP Locations
Furnishing and Delivering Instrument Transformers
Inert Landfill Disposal and Recycling Services
Hydrants, Fire, Assemblies and Sections
Furnishing and Delivering Transformers, 4.8-kV, Three-Phase, Padmount, Dead-Front
Switches, Disconnecting, 34.5kV, for Various Receiving and Distributing Station
Transformers, 34.4-kV, Three-Phase, Padmount
Vest, Safety, Non-Flame Retardant
Pesticides and Herbicides
Printed Tags
Precast Concrete Maintenance Hole Section
Battery Systems and Battery Charger Power Systems for Various Stations
Lumber Douglas Fir and Plywood
Blades and Saws
Telephone Equipment and Accessories
OEM Replacement Parts for “Altec Industries” Aerial Man Lift Equipment
“Versa Lift” Aerial Boom Parts
Parts and Accessories, Engine, for “Dodge” Vehicles
Furnish and Deliver Systems Furniture and Related Products and Services
Rental and Services, Portable Toilets and Trash Bins
Repair and Maintenance Services, Climate Control System


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