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LBA Media Partner Pop-9 Communications

Publisher of The Journal on Latino Americans; The Perez Factor; The American Latina; and Vida de Oro; and now, the all new SacLatino Magazine!

LBA Media Partner POP-9 Communications is headed by Mr. Adrian Perez, who has over 30 years of public policy experience and 17 years of writing, editing and publishing experience. As former co-founder and publisher of the Latino Journal, and being responsible for making the Latino Journal the largest online Latino publication on public policy and government, he branched off to create POP-9 Communications.

POP-9 is focused at delivering a series of online publications and newsletters for existing and new publications across the U.S. Current POP-9 online publications include: The Journal On Latino Americans, Vida de Oro, The Perez Factor, and The American Latina, which along with online newsletters reach approximately 1.5 million readers.

As they enter the second decade of the 2000s, POP-9 is expanding into the development of news, information and variety show production specifically for the internet.

“Today, the U.S. has the most diverse population in its young history, with Latinos being the second-largest at 16 percent and African Americans right behind. Our publications are published in English to maximize two things: reaching the untapped English-speaking Latino market; and, to help immigrants assimilate quicker into the fabric that makes this country great. We invite you to read any of our publications or, if you need help, ask us how to develop or maximize exposure of your online publication or newsletter.” – Adrian Perez, CEO, POP-9 Communications

The Latin Business Association is extremely proud to have Pop-9 Communications as an LBA Media Partner.

Contact Pop-9 Communications:

POP-9 Communications
2213 Del Paso Blvd., Suite #149
Sacramento, CA 95815
Tel: (916) 396-4053
Via Email at: info@pop-9.com


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