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LBA Media Partner BrightFlash Media is a full-service, high-definition digital video company established in 1996 that specializes in developing and producing original episodic, English and Spanish-language programming content for broadcast, online and mobile audiences. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and offers concept-to-completion capabilities including full studio and location production as well as total special effects, animation and online radio streaming.

BrightFlash Media develops and produces “useful reality” content for the more than 50-million monolingual and bilingual Latinos with programs focused on Law, Health, Sustainability, Business and Lifestyle trends. Each episode provides timely, relevant information as well as other resources to help them survive and succeed in the United States. Today, BrightFlash Media produces “Tu y La Ley” (You and the Law), “Tu Salud” (Your Health), “Vamos Verde” (Go Green), “Exito America” (Success America), “Vive Ya!” (Live Now!) and “Descubre America” (Discover America).

BrightFlash Media is Digital Partner to Schofield Media Group, a leading, global business-to-business media company focused on key business sectors reaching corporate-level executives worldwide. “This partnership with Schofield Media Group represents the future — a total media solution across multiple platforms to reach multilingual audiences,” said David Cruz, President of BrightFlash Media. “Their print and online digital business publications have a well-established and successful history as leaders across an array of important industries. Now, BrightFlash Media is adding high-definition streaming video and audio content on their websites as well as producing parallel programs for broadcast, online and mobile distribution.”

Schofield Media Group publishes more than 400 company profiles across its 35 B2B magazine editions that include Business, Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Management, Food & Beverage and Transportation. Also, it operates conferences & events in the United States and Europe. The company is headquartered in Chicago and has regional offices in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle and Norwich.

BrightFlash Media is also a Live Stage Event Producer with a track-record of more than five hundred galas and awards shows since 1996 throughout the United States primarily as fundraisers for charitable non-profit organizations. The company’s primary role in this capacity is as Program Producer and Writer, Talent Coordinator and Event Emcee. The company has assisted these organizations in raising more than $25,000,000 in combined donations and Corporate Sponsorships.

Today, BrightFlash Media continues to expand by partnering with affiliate Producers across the United States to create a national network capable of developing and producing video projects cost-efficiently anywhere in the nation. Indeed, as the entire media landscape continues to change, BrightFlash Media is adapting also. Now, it is all about the big “OD”— On-Demand. Deliver content when, where and how audiences today demand it. At BrightFlash Media, the formula is simple: Talent. Ideas. Results.

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The Latin Business Association is extremely proud to have Brightflash Media Productions as an LBA Media Partner.

And now, BrightFlash Media President & Executive Producer David Cruz, who also happens to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Latin Business Association, has been selected by LBA Corporate and Media Partner Clear Channel to be the host of a brand-new, bi-lingual progressive talk radio program- The David Cruz Show- which has had its premiere airing January 16, 2012 on KTLK Los Angeles AM 1150!

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