Our Goals and Objectives

The Latin Business Association (LBA) is commited to serving the Hispanic and Minority small business community by striving towards the following goals and objectives:

  • Promote the advancement and development of Hispanic and Minority-owned businesses
  • Provide the exchange of information and business opportunities for the benefit of our Membership
  • Establish and encourage opportunities for LBA Members to do business with one another
  • Provide special discounts, pricing and incentives to LBA Members through our Affinity, Member 2 Member and Auto Programs
  • Provide networking events to advance the development of business opportunities for our Membership
  • Inform non-Hispanic/Minority businesses of the advantages and benefits of doing business with LBA Members
  • Advocate on behalf of LBA Members by addressing their needs and concerns and regularly communicating these issues to elected and appointed officials, as well as other legislative bodies
  • Support the professional development of Hispanic youths by providing education and training opportunities, as well as connections to Hispanic entrepreneurs
  • Develop public and private partnerships and programs to benefit LBA Members, and other Hispanic and Minority-owned businesses
  • Identify opportunities for LBA Members to participate on Boards, Commissions and other public and private entities that promote diversity and inclusion
  • Establish international business partnerships and relationships to benefit LBA Members, and other Hispanic and Minority-owned businesses
  • Read about our commitment to the latin community.


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